Setting up an additional domain in an existing hosting account

Hosting more than one domain name in the same web hosting account

Before you can set up a new domain, you must first have purchased it. For pricing, availability, and to register a domain, you may visit our Domain Registration web page here.

Your Zenutech Account must also have unused domains available on it. The Standard Plan includes 1 Domain, the Business Plan 3, and the Enterprise Plan 10. If you have used the maximum number of domains in your account, you may upgrade to the next larger plan, or you may also add an additional domain to your account for $5.00/month by contacting us.

Once your account has additional hosted domain slots available to it, you can log into your hosting control panel (cPanel) and go to “Domains” where you will see the ability to add a new hosted domain to your account and assign it a new web root folder.

Posted 2008-05-30 in Account Management,Control Panel