Top 10 Reasons Why

We are committed to separating ourselves from other web hosting companies by providing superior service in areas that we know are most important to our customers.

  1. In-House 24/7 Toll-Free Tech Support

    Time and time again our customers are pleasantly surprised with the commitment we've made to quality technical support. Any time, day or night, weekend or weekday, our toll-free number will connect you directly with an experienced professional in our Fredericton, NB office. That's right, unlike many web hosting companies, we don't outsource support!

    We normally respond to e-mails within 1 hour during daytime hours.

  2. Fast and Reliable Network Backbone Connection

    Offering only premium BGP4 network backbone connection out of Montreal, Canada, Zenutech ensures that it is committed to providing the fastest, most reliable bandwidth.

  3. Competitive Plans and Prices

    If you focus only on disk space and data transfer when comparing Zenutech with competing web hosting companies, it may appear that the other companies are offering packages of greater value. However, if you read the fine print, there are often stringent restrictions on disk space and data transfer usage.

    Zenutech offers a generous (rather than ridiculous) amount of disk space and data transfer at a competitive price and tops it off with incredible technical support and quality of service.

  4. Quality Servers and Network Hardware

    We purchase only quality Dell™ PowerEdge servers directly from Dell™. For over 4 years now we have been using Dell™ servers and have been very impressed with the hardware quality and support.

    As for routers and switches, we rely only on the best from Cisco Systems, Inc.

  5. Secure Server Software

    Zenutech's highly skilled staff is actively involved in the security community and stays up to date with security bulletins and vulnerability alerts. We are committed to ensuring the latest patches are applied to all of our server software as soon as they are available.

  6. Solid SPAM/Virus E-mail Filtering

    Two of the most annoying things on the internet today are SPAM and Viruses. Zenutech has deployed SpamAssassin for filtering SPAM and ClamAV for blocking e-mail viruses. SpamAssassin and ClamAV are two of the best products for blocking unwanted and malicious e-mails and have proven to be very reliable.

  7. Daily Backups and Monitoring

    Mostly every web host claims to have daily backups and monitoring, but often they do not. Zenutech backs up all customer files to a secured server on our internal network, allowing easy restoration of files in the event of data loss.

    Zenutech also monitors servers daily for unusual activity that could decrease performance and impact other customers on the same server.

  8. Hardware Upgrades

    Many web hosting companies will stick you on a server and never upgrade it for as long as you are a customer. Zenutech upgrades its servers when necessary to maintain high server responsiveness and ensure customers do not notice any decrease in performance of their web sites.

  9. Flexible Small Company

    Zenutech is a small company, and as such we are still very flexible with our offerings and will work to accomodate any special requirements you may have. For example, if you require PHP module that we currently do not have installed, we will make every effort to install that module for you.

  10. Satisfaction Guarantee

    Our main focus is to impress our customers with quality of service and support. If you are not happy with your service within the first 30 days for any reason at all, you may take advantage of our 30-day money back guarantee. We do welcome any feedback you may have so that we can further improve our services to you.