Does Zenutech support PHP extension? is useful for Drupal installations

As of June 2012, we have added PHP PECL’s extension to all PHP 5.2 and PHP 5.3 servers.

This addition mostly affect Zenutech clients wishing to use this feature as part of their Drupal installation.

The extension by default uses the /tmp/ folder to upload temporary files. Since Zenutech has an enhanced security setup to prevent abuse, the /tmp/ is not writable by web hosting accounts.
To circumvent this issue, we have overridden the default values for to the following:

uploadprogress.file.contents_template /home/yourZenutechAccount/.tmp/upload_contents_%s
uploadprogress.file.filename_template /home/yourZenutechAccount/.tmp/upt_%s.txt

This ensures that the files uploaded by the extension will be placed safely in your own’s account .tmp folder.

Posted 2012-06-14 in Linux Web Hosting,Web Development