You do not need to have your domain registered with the same company which hosts the domain for you. However, if you would like to have both services in the same account, we can have your domain registration transferred over to your Zenutech account. Before we can initiate a domain registration transfer for you, please contact your current domain registration provider or log into your account with them to make the following changes:

1- have the domain unlocked
2- (if applicable) disable WhoIs privacy (This will reveal your domain registration information in public whois lookups but is necessary temporarily in order for a transfer to take place)
3- issue and obtain the domain’s EPP authorization code. If you are not the domain’s administrative contact, then you will likely need to have the administrative contact forward the transfer related emails to you.

If you do not know who your current domain registration provider is, please see here.

After these 3 steps are completed, you can order a domain transfer on our website. Domains are renewed for one year when they are transferred to a new domain registrar. Other than the one year renewal cost, Zenutech does not charge a fee for a domain registration transfer.

Posted 2012-03-19 in Account Management