What email settings do I use for a domain hosted by Zenutech?

Email settings to use for domains hosted with Zenutech

Once you have created your email addresses in the Zenutech Control Panel, within 15 minutes you will then be able to check your mail using Zenutech Webmail in your browser.
Webmail is useful when you are out of town or on the go, but most email users like to use an email client program on their home or office computer. Many of the smartphones that are now out there now provide an email program that you can use as well.  We recommend using the Zenutech Email Setup Wizard when setting up your email as it provides nice screenshots to tell you where to put in the settings.  If you are already familiar with email setup and just need the settings to use for an email address hosted with Zenutech, here they are:

-Username:  the full email address (example “john@domain.com”)
-incoming server:  mail.zenutech.com
-incoming (POP3) port:  995 (SSL enabled)
-outgoing SMTP server:  mail.zenutech.com
note->you can use your internet service provider’s outgoing SMTP server for your outgoing mail if you wish, you will only need to use Zenutech’s mail server for your incoming mail.
-outgoing SMTP port:  465 (SSL enabled)
-check that SMTP server requires authentication (it is an option you can select and must be enabled to send mail through Zenutech’s mail server)

Email addresses can be configured on your end as POP3 or IMAP.  The difference is that POP3 downloads the message from the server to your computer when you check your mail.  With IMAP, messages are always left on the server unless you delete them; IMAP is primarily used for synchronizing multiple users or workstations so that a change in one location affects all the other computers.  The IMAP settings are listed below.

If you set your email account up as POP3, it is often a good idea to enable the setting that ‘Leaves a copy of the message on the server‘ if it is not enabled already.  Otherwise, you will not see your previously read messages when checking your email from webmail or another computer or device.  If the user only ever checks their email from one single PC, then it is not an issue.

IMAP settings:

The Zenutech mail server also supports IMAP if you wish to configure any email accounts as IMAP.  This would be recommended if multiple users want to share the same email account (for example “sales@domain.com” – if you have a sales staff of multiple people that all share that email address).  IMAP may also be useful for a user that often uses multiple computers or devices to check their email.  If you want to set up an email account as IMAP, the incoming port number is 993 (SSL enabled) – everything else is the same.
When setting up IMAP, please be sure to apply the settings to each computer/device that connects to that email inbox. Each machine or device needs to be configured as IMAP, if one is configured as POP3 then it can cause problems. Problems can also happen if one machine is configured differently than the others when setting up IMAP. For example, if one machine has an option enabled to “delete messages older than 30 days”, then all messages older than 30 days will get sent to trash; which is where those messages will appear on the other machines too. In a case like that, you definitely want to make sure that you do not have one machine setup to empty the trash periodically, as this will permanently delete the trash messages from the server. When setting up IMAP, it is best to double-check all the settings on each machine/device when you configure it in order to make sure problems like that do not occur.

Standard Ports:

We always recommend using SSL for your incoming and outgoing email so that the data is encrypted in transit. Non-encrypted emails can be intercepted and read as plain text; this is more likely to happen on insecure public networks such as downtown areas and cafes.   If, for some reason you do not want SSL enabled or if there is a problem using the SSL ports with your office network/router, here are the standard ports for Zenutech email:
POP3 incoming port: 110
IMAP incoming port: 143
outgoing port: 26
note->some internet service providers may block port 25 to dissuade you from using a third party mail provider. For that reason, the standard POP3 port for Zenutech is 26.

Posted 2010-10-25 in E-mail