PCI compliant hosting, what does it imply?

If your hosting is PCI compliant, is it enough for pci compliance? Find out here

Our hosting servers do pass PCI compliance when tested by PCI compliance testers.
You can ask your future merchant provider for references on companies that can do this test and certification for you.

PCI compliance does have to do with your hosting provider, but it also involves a test/series of questions that you answer in regards to your own business practices.

Getting a PCI compliant hosting provider is part of the process, so you’re on your way (If you’ve chosen Zenutech).

The next step is to find a company that do PCI compliance certifications. For example, with a merchant account provider such as Beanstream, they do the pci compliance tests themselves. You can ask your own merchant provider for some company names, or feel free to learn more about Beanstream here.

In regards to the hosting, you will need the following to pass the PCI compliance hosting requirements:

– a pci compliant hosting provider
– a private ssl certificate that you can get from Zenutech

Once this company does the test, they will provide you a report on Zenutech’s server hosting your website. This report might have some items to correct. You must then forward this report to us, and we will correct any items that needs to be addressed. However most times we pass on the first try.

Posted 2008-05-01 in E-Commerce