How to Install Coppermine Photo Gallery

Learn how to Install a popular photo gallery web application

To install Coppermine:

  1. Create a MySQL database.
    In the Zenutech control panel, click “Development Tools”, then from the submenu click “MySQL”.Then click “Databases” at the top.
    Select the name of the database that you would like from the dropdown menu, and then click “Create Database”. The choice of the database name does not really have any importance.
  2. Create a MySQL user
    In the same control panel area (Development Tools –> MySQL), click “Users” at the top. Select the mysql username of your choice, from the dropdown, and enter any password in the password field (but please do remember it – you will need to remember what it is)2 Tips:

    1. You should probably use a username with the same letter as your database name. For example, if your database name is db3500a, then you should probably have a mysql username called us3500a, that way it will be less confusing in the future if you have multiple databases and mysql usernames.
    2. Your password should probably be something different than your account password. That way if someone ever finds out your database password, they won’t be able to access your entire account.

    Once the mysql user has been created, the mysql user you have created will appear in the list at the top. click “Manage” next to the mysql user you just created. You then need to click “All” to select all the options, in the row of the database that the mysql user should be permitted to access.
    For example, in our case, we would select “All” the privileges for the database db3500a so that the mysql user us3500a has all the privileges to access this database. Then, click “Save Changes”.

  3. In the Zenutech control panel, click “Scripts and Applications” on the left side. Then in the submenu, click “Photo Gallery”. Click “Install” at the top right.
  4. We are now ready to install Coppermine. You will see a dropdown showing a file path. Depending on how many domains you have in your account, you may see more in the dropdown, or less. In most cases, the default selection will be the correct one, but for more advance users, you can modify it. You will also see a text box with the default /cpg . You can change this to /photos or anything else if you’d like.For example, if your website is, then the installer will have default values to install the photo gallery at
    You can change this to , or anything else. You can even remove the suffix /cpg if you want to install directly in the root of your website at (but you should be careful to make sure this is really what you want to do!)Click “Copy Files” when you are ready.
  5. Click “Launch Coppermine Photo Gallery Installer”You will now be at the Coppermine Photo Gallery Installer web page.
    It will ask you to enter some information such as:Username: (Choose any username, for example “admin”)
    Password: (Choose any password, preferably not your main account password)
    Email Address: Enter your email addressMySQL Host: localhost
    MySQL Database Name: (Remember when you created your database earlier? It starts with db and ends with a letter. In our example above, we used db3500a
    MySQL Username: (Remember when you created your mysql user earlier? It starts with us and ends with a letter. In our example above, we used us3500a
    MySQL Password: Earlier when you created your MySQL user (in Step 2), you selected a password. This is the password you need to enter here.

    MySQL table prefix: The default is ok

    ImageMagick Path: Leave blank

    Click “Let’s Go!”.

This completes the installation of the Coppermine Photo Gallery.

Posted 2008-03-29 in Control Panel