Does Zenutech support SFTP for secure FTP connections?

A description on how you can use secure FTP connections with Zenutech

Our FTP supports SSL, basically it is FTP over SSL (not SFTP).

It uses port 21, but is a secure connection. FTP Clients such as FileZilla support this. In FileZilla, you must choose “FTP over ssl (explicit)” in the site settings to enable this. We strongly recommend setting up your FTP connection to use FTPES in the FileZilla Connection Manager should you be using FTP over a public or potentially insecure network connection.

SFTP, which is FTP through SSH, will work if you have SSH access to your Zenutech account. For more information on connecting by SSH or SFTP to your Zenutech account, please see our article on SSH access.

Posted 2008-05-02 in FTP,Linux Web Hosting